iLight Biotechnologies

Management Team

Daria Shcherbakova, Ph.D.

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer


Dr. Shcherbakova received her Ph.D. degree in Bioorganic Chemistry from Moscow State University. She is a faculty member at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. She has 15 years of research experience, 25 publications and 500 citations. She is a participant of the Enterpreneurship Lab NYC 2016 program.

Vladislav Verkhusha, Ph.D., D.Habil.

Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer


Dr. Verkhusha received his Ph.D. degree in Chemical Kinetics and Catalysis and D.Habil. degree in Molecular Biology. He is a Professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He has 25 years of research experience, 130 publications and 7000 citations.



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